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As Middle Eastern foods became mainstream in the United States, something was lost. Those hard, round breads labeled "pita" found in supermarkets across the country couldn't possibly taste the same as the fresh variety our ancestors enjoyed in Syria. Back in those days, white flour was a luxury. Whole grain loaves were the weekday staple, while pure, white loaves graced the Shabbat table. No matter the variety, the satiating bread always had one key ingredient: freshness.

When the Kohen family began baking fresh pita bread in the back of the family's bagel store on Norwood Avenue in the Syrian Jewish enclave of Deal, New Jersey, they set out to rediscover that the lost art of fresh, daily bread. In the beginning days, with a goal of perfection, any batch of dough that wasn't perfect would never reach store shelves. Because of this commitment, Shore Pita quickly gained a reputation for bringing pita bread back to its days of glory.

Today, soft, delightful, and preservative-free Shore Pita bread is the staple of meals thousands of families look forward to on a daily basis. The bread is delivered super fresh and often still warm. And unlike other brands, Shore Pita doesn't need to depend on its filling to deliver great flavor.

Now with their expanded line of products, including pitas of different sizes and flavors; Kaak, the crispy and addictive breakfast; and a frozen line of ready-to-bake sambusaak and emwadah (cheese-filled pastries), Shore Pita brings you the best and freshest of a wide range of Middle Eastern delicacies.

When we enjoy Shore Pita today, we think we must be as good as our ancestors enjoyed fresh in Syria. If not, it's even better.